Mr. Mohammed bin Hamad Al Hussaini

Chairman and Director General

Chairman Message

Praise be to God, Who bestowed knowledge and science upon humanity…and peace be upon His Prophet, Muhammad.

Dear respected ladies and gentlemen,

In the light of our vision to become a leading hospital in the provision of health care, thanks to the top-notch standards of safety and quality, and based on the Saudi Vision 2030, we aim at achieving a breakthrough in the provision of preventive health care services, in addition to the diagnostic, curative and rehabilitation health care services. Our aim is to suffice communities to be well and sound in accordance with the requirements of the Ministry of Health and the international standards on service quality.

Here, at Tadawi, we are keen on recruiting distinguished doctors in all specialties. In addition, we are very keen on developing their performance continuously, and providing them with cutting-edge devices and technologies to ease the various services they provide in diagnosis and treatment. Moreover, we are preserving the rights of patients and fulfilling the provision of high quality services on 24 hours basis.

Out of our social responsibility, we always seek to spread awareness about means of prevention and treatment regarding various diseases and epidemics, and that is in order to improve the quality of life for the society of KSA, where Tadawi efforts always flow to create hope for a society blessed with life.

The accelerated efforts of Tadawi contributed to several consecutive expansions accompanied by the upgrade of many operations’ rooms equipped with the latest equipment and technologies. In addition, there are the units of intensive care, cardiac catheters, lithotripsy, radiology, physiotherapy, and central laboratory. All of these are combined with outpatient clinics in various specialties and many other supporting units that contribute to the works of diagnosis and treatment.

We are always looking forward to the future with hope perspective to achieve the aspirations of our patients and visitors regarding the services we provided 24/7 thanks to our dedicated team that provides an excellent service.

May God bestows success on our paths,

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