Through a group of the best consultants, specialists and technicians with competence and experience spanning more than 25 years in the field of physical therapy and rehabilitation with the use of the latest treatment devices for the following cases

  • Orthopedic, neuro and Pediatric are cases of the seventh nerve transferred from the E.N.T. Department.
  • Rehabilitation of postpartum muscle weakness for women.
  • Rehabilitation of the handicapped from cases of cerebral palsy, whether from birth or diseases affecting the central nerves.

Physiotherapy is the treatment of pathological conditions, whether resulting from injuries or chronic diseases in the nervous or muscular system, as well as cases of fractures and related processes through


  • Infrared and ultraviolet rays
  • Deep rays, such as short waves, ultrasound and lasers

Electro shock waves

  • Devices to reduce muscle pain and injured nerves, as well as postpartum and obesity rehabilitation from sagging different body muscles for women
  • Treating acute and chronic conditions from various joint injuries
  • Treatment post operative and rehabilitation of post orthopaedic operations and herniated disc.
  • Reducing pain in muscles and nerves.
  • Rehabilitation of cases of Pediatritics and women in the postpartum period,
  • Weakness muscles after dieting and weight loss.
  • Rehabilitation of sport injuries, medically.
  • Rehabilitation of paralysis cases
Dr. Ahmed Abdullah El Kerdawy
Dr. Ahmed Abdullah El Kerdawy
physiotherapy Consultant
I am Dr. Ahmed El Kerdawy , physiotherapy...

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