The clinic receives all cases that interfere with a man’s sexual and reproductive health, and everything related to the male genital organs, whether congenital or tumor deformities, infections, bruises and accidents.

When we have to visit the Doctor:-

The man should review the clinic on its specified dates as soon as the sexual or reproductive life is disrupted, and it is a priority to receive cases for appointments and prior reservations.

Andrology includes:

  • Diagnosing the causes and factors that affect the fertility of a man’s ability and consequently delaying or not causing a pregnancy, and treating it medicinally and surgically.
  • Diagnosing the causes and factors that affect a man’s sexual ability and treating it pharmacologically and surgically.
  • Correcting and treating congenital and traumatic genital abnormalities and injuries.
  • Treating diseases that affect the male genitalia (prostate, testes, penis), including infections and tumors.
  • Problems of poor fertility, delayed childbearing and non-pregnancy.
  • Delayed puberty in boys.
  • Erectile dysfunction, decreased libido and ejaculation problems.
  • Erectile implantation(Penile prosthesis).
  • Correction of the curvature of the penis.
  • Treating penile fractures and traumatic injuries to the genitals.
  • The penis enlargement (Penile Augmentation) therapeutically and surgically.
  • Correction of Urine Arifice (Meatal & urethral Deformities correction)
  • Treating prostate diseases.
  • Testicular diseases and surgery (varicocele, hydrocele, seminal cyst, testicular torsion, testicular trauma, testicular tumors).
  • Urinary tract infections and infectious sexual diseases.
  • Nocturnal enuresis in children.
Dr. Khaled Al-Nasser
Dr. Khaled Al-Nasser
urologist Consultant , andrology and infertility

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