Neurology is a specialty concerned with disorders of the nervous system, with the aim of diagnosing and treating diseases of the central or peripheral nervous system, including the nerve covers, their blood supply sources and the tissues that perform them, such as muscles.

When we have to visit the Doctor

  • Head or spine trauma/ persistent headache after visiting ophth, ENT and neurologist.
  • Brain or spine or nerve tumors.
  • Large head for baby.
  • Congenital brain or spine anomaly .
  • Hydrocephalus.
  • Neck and back pain and disc  disorders.

Neurosurgery specialty deals with multiple and delicate disorders involving cranial, spinal and peripheral nervous system.

It deals with traumatic, congenital , oncology and pain control among others in all different age scope.

  • ER services 24 h a day for head and spine trauma.
  • OPD follow up and advise for all cranial and spinal disorders.
  • Surgery of the lumbothoracic spine as fractures, disc disease and deformity.
  • Peripheral nerve disorders as nerve entrapment like carpal tunnel syndrome.

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