Training Center at Tadawi Hospital

Professional Training, Performance Excellence

At the training center at Tadawi Hospital, we offer a comprehensive range of CPR and first aid courses, along with field training opportunities that contribute to refining the skills of trainees and preparing them for the healthcare market.


Our Services:


  • All CPR courses (BLS, ACLS)
  • Training by hours/months for university students or graduates
  • Field training for obtaining or renewing classification from the Saudi Commission for Health Specialties

Course Schedule:

  • BLS Course – Basic CPR: Every Wednesday, starting at 12:30
  • FA Course – First Aid: Every Wednesday, starting at 12:30
  • Advanced ACLS Course – Advanced CPR: Saturday, starting at 8:45 a.m.

Registration Procedures:

  • Open an account with the Saudi Heart Association and enter all the data.
  • Pay 50 riyals for the Saudi Heart Association coupon.
  • Register for the course at Tadawi General Hospital.
  • Contact the mobile number to confirm registration.

Field Training:

  • Field training by hours/months for healthcare specialties.
  • Training Departments: Nursing, Emergency Medicine, Pharmacy, Radiology, Laboratories, and more.

Training Serves the Following Programs:

  • Occupational Safety and Health Supervisor Program.
  • Bachelor of Public Health and Health Informatics.
  • Diploma or Bachelor of Human Resources.


Call now or contact via WhatsApp to confirm your registration in our accredited courses and take a step towards your promising future in healthcare.

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