What is blood pressure?

The arteries regulate the pressure and the amount of blood passing through them by expanding and contracting regularly with the heartbeat. If these arteries lose their elasticity for any reason for the passage of blood, the blood pressure rises, so the resistance of the arterial walls to the passage of blood is an important factor to know the level of blood pressure and control it.

There are two types of pressure that are measured, systolic pressure and measured when the heart contracts during the pumping process, and diastolic pressure is measured when the heart relaxes to receive blood coming from the body, when a person’s blood pressure reaches more than 140/95 it is considered abnormal.

Types of high blood pressure:

There are two main types of high blood pressure:

1- The primary or basic type, which is the most widespread and common in the world, and it does not know a specific reason for its occurrence, and it is the type that we will address in some detail.

2- The secondary type and this type occurs due to a disease that leads to high blood pressure, such as kidney disease, aorta, or some endocrine diseases in the body. Therefore, the treatment of these diseases is accompanied by a decrease in the patient’s blood pressure, and these cases do not exceed 1% of cases of high blood pressure.

What are the underlying causes of high blood pressure ?

As we mentioned earlier, the true cause is not known to increase the pressure in patients, but there are major factors that play an important role in making the patient more vulnerable to this disease than other people, including:

Genetics Studies have shown that in the case of an injury in one of the parents of high blood pressure, the probability of infection among children of this disease is 25%, but if both parents have this disease, the percentage of children with the disease may reach 90%.

Excessive intake of salt It has been observed that people who consume large quantities of salt are common among them this disease and vice versa, because some areas whose people tend to eat a little salt in the food, the rate of exposure to blood pressure is less.

Weight gain It has also been observed that the risk of developing blood pressure in the obese person is more than in the average person, and it has also been observed that weight reduction in obese blood pressure patients improves their condition to varying degrees.

Stress, suppression and anxiety The individual personality plays an important role in a person’s susceptibility to high blood pressure, as a person’s response to stress, anxiety and suppression is one of the causes of high blood pressure as the human body in these cases excrete adrenaline that raises blood pressure.

Age and gender The elderly are more susceptible to infection with this disease than young people, and the reason for this may be that the arteries of the elderly person are hardening, which leads to an increase in systolic pressure in particular, and the saying that the injury in women is greater than the proportion in men.

Addiction to alcohol or smoking It is well established that consuming alcohol in large quantities causes high blood pressure, as smoking is a major cause of some heart diseases such as atherosclerosis, stroke, high blood pressure and increased heart rate.

Birth control pills The birth control pill contains the hormones estrogen and progesterone, both of which cause high blood pressure. Therefore, doctors who use birth control pills are advised to check their blood pressure every six months, especially if they are smokers.

what is the cure ?

The treatment of high blood pressure disease may be long-term, or if you will express eternity, because drug therapy does not cure the disease but controls it, and therefore following the instructions of the treating doctor is very important. Also, stopping the drug without consulting a doctor on the pretext that his blood pressure has become normal is considered a serious matter where It stops the patient from taking antihypertensive drugs that bring back the disease again, and it can be said that the treatment of blood pressure is divided into two parts, non-medication treatment (weight loss if the patient is obese and reducing eating salt and reducing eating pickles and cheese, stopping smoking and drinking alcohol, and reducing from Eat foods rich in fat as well as possible as far as possible from the causes of stress, anxiety and psychological pressure) and drug therapy.

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